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To say this is a tough time for all of us is the biggest understatement.

While nothing could have prepared us for the physical and emotional toll of the outbreak and the sheer numbers of lives at risk as well as those lost, we believe there are special Gator traits that our Allegheny College community members possess that bring out the best in us at the worst of times.


Across the college's 205 years of existence, Gators have rallied together through several wars, the events of 9/11, and we will support each other through this pandemic as well. Time and again, our students, faculty, staff and administrators, alumni, and our allies across the world have come together as one to confront these challenges. We find our strength by supporting each other, and this is what makes us Gator Strong, Gator Proud!

If you would like to donate money to help Allegheny students who are going through tough times, then please click on the button below and show your team spirit!



GATOR QUAD: Creating Tale to Tale Connections.

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