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Updated: Oct 22, 2020

I spend lots of time lately thinking about how to be a better ally, as an individual. But as Chair of my Department, I also hold extra responsibility to our students and to colleagues and friends at Allegheny and beyond.

Last month, the #BlackInTheIvory hashtag exploded on Twitter. I spent hours reading the personal face of the well-known stats on race in academia: people accusing black profs and grad students of not doing their own work, assuming they're the janitor, devaluing their admission as mere tokenism.

Then there’s the massive under-representation: some fields have almost no black PhDs at all; countless promotions are denied despite ample qualifications.

Two threads hit especially close to home. Dr. Jason Johnson recounted his horrific experience taking PhD qualifying exams in my own field, and a grad school colleague pointedly asked how the thread would spur meaningful reforms by white readers.

So what now? By highlighting both micro-aggressions and patterns across fields and academia in general, my hours reading #BlackInTheIvory has given me lots of concrete ideas for what we can do in Allegheny’s Political Science Department, as well as how I personally can better support my students, friends, and colleagues.

~~ Shanna Kirschner (Associate Professor, Political Science at Allegheny College)

Here, at Allegheny College, students are learning how to navigate the tough challenges of our times and emerge as better and more informed citizens of the world by the time they graduate. Please consider donating to support education that will benefit us all in the long run.


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