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Updated: Oct 22, 2020

Below: Portrait of Sandra Bland by Adrian Brandon

As an art student, this series of portraits, “Stolen”, by Adrian Brandon, impacted me more than the many statistics that are being brought to the public’s attention.

While the numbers are absolutely shocking, they do not compare to the visual representation of someone’s life being left incomplete. I have been a supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement since it began, and artwork like Brandon’s makes the victim’s stories even more haunting.

Seeing their faces only partially colored due to their lives getting, quite literally, stolen from them, sparks a desire in myself to do more, give more, and be better to honor all Black Lives.

Though the systemic racism that the United States is founded on cannot simply be undone overnight, I feel we are witnessing a revolution that will bring change, even if it comes slowly and gradually. With all of us educating ourselves and establishing meaningful and genuine alliances, the faces of those Black Lives that were snuffed out will not be kept invisible, nor will the lives of others be cut short by a faulty system.

Article: https://tinyurl.com/y7l946kt

~~ Heather Amancio (Class of 2023)

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