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Updated: Oct 22, 2020

“I didn't really care about chickens until I had to take over my mom's chicken project.

We had no experience with chickens but she decided to get a flock of them. When she got a job the chickens quickly became my babies.

I was surprised at how quickly I began to connect with them. They really are super smart as well as great companions!

I bought my own chickens to increase the flock size. and this only made me love them more. I got to see my baby chicks grow into beautiful chickens.

It has been a growing passion ever since. I did not want to leave my chickens when I left for college. I thought I was going to be able to bring them, but the college was hesitant.

When I took my first Environmental Science class I got in contact with the professor. I needed to know how to make it possible to bring my chickens to campus.

He put me in contact with a few other professors and after many meetings and some elbow grease, I was able to get six chickens approved to stay in the Carrden (Allegheny College's certified organic campus garden).

Sadly, the coop for the chickens was not right. I could tell because of the body language of the chickens. They were getting sick. And this meant they needed a re-designed coop.

Because of this, the chickens aren't on campus right now. But over summer, my father and I plan on building a new coop to keep in the Carrden for when they return with me to campus.”

Lynnsey Winchell ('22)- Environmental Science and Political Science double major


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