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Updated: Oct 16, 2020

Erin and the Learning Commons and Disability Services Administrators and Staff@ Allegheny College

Super Gator first generation graduate and educator Erin O-Day has embraced the charge of keeping the college operational throughout the pandemic pandemonium. Her job in the Learning Commons consists of supervising the staff, working with Disability Services, helping with Tutoring and Consulting, providing academic support, and communicating with admitted students. She has been a part of every Allegheny student’s journey through their academic ups and downs, offering tissues when there are tears and hurrahs when there are cheers. She and her team send out messages and track incoming students’ as they take their first steps through Orientation, Registration, and moving into college life.

Her responsibilities have amplified once the pandemic swept most of the students off campus. While faculty and students had to switch to online work with agility, and devise alternative assignments as well as course grade options for students who did not have access to technology to finish their coursework, O'Day also had to oversee the creation of a virtual summer orientation for the incoming freshmen.

Right now, she and her staff are coordinating with other teams on campus to prepare to receive students who wish to return to campus in person. In order to allow students to learn and live together, they are initiating necessary precautions that will safeguard both students and staff in their daily routines.

Despite all the projects that have eaten her summer away, our Director of the Learning Commons continues to tackle each assignment diligently and efficiently from her home. On her small breaks, she has made the time to walk her dog Chip, work out at home, and get in as much sleep as she can. She and her husband found time to do projects around their house together because of the COVID lockdown. She admits to have become better acquainted with her neighbors even watching her neighbor’s two little daughters’ progress in riding bikes. Erin's own daughter is the owner of a young quarter horse named Moose. While her daughter attends Farrier school, Mrs. O’Day looks forward to preparing Moose for his trainer who comes to visit him from a nearby stable. There is no "neigh-saying" when it comes to the help and immensely valuable service Erin O'Day provides as an educator, mentor, and life coach to our Gator students.

~~ Interviewed by Mary Dosch (Class of '23)

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