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Updated: Oct 22, 2020

Refuse to Lose. If anyone has seen any post from the Coach Bob Simmons on his Twitter account, you will always see that same motto.

The motto for the Men’s Basketball team is one that Coach Simmons encourages his players to follow. Whether it is on the court or in the classroom, they should always work their hardest and ‘Refuse to Lose’.

Coach Simmons takes immense pride in how he mentors the Men’s Basketball team. He sees his role as not just someone who is invested in building competitively strong college athletes but also as someone who is shaping the values of future leaders, husbands, and fathers.

In a typical season Coach Simmons has a variety of roles like meeting with players about academics, basketball, and life on campus in general. He also meets with his assistant basketball coaches to focus on film scouting, budget reviews, recruiting, and everything in between. While there are many things that he has to do that he enjoys, there is nothing he enjoys more than overseeing practices, polishing individual team members' skills, and working with his players on the court.

With the global pandemic sending students home, connecting remotely with his team became the norm. On his calls with his players, he continually supports them academically but also updates them on information from Allegheny and NCAA that could affect them. Whenever he is in contact with his players, he reminds them of his core ethic – Refuse to Lose.

In a world where so many people have been forced apart, the motto Coach Simmons has constantly used now has new meaning. It means more to try to be your best self and not get down. It urges students to stay away from losing sight of who they truly are and to focus instead on trying to find what's positive in this stressful time.

For Coach Simmons, he has taken this opportunity to be with his family. With grueling hours during the basketball season, Coach Simmons often has to spend long hours at the office and miss out on family dinners. Now, he has the time to indulge every night in quality time with his loved ones, playing games with them, and spending more time building lasting memories.

He has found ways to appreciate the world during the pandemic and he encourages everyone at Allegheny to do the same thing. Above all he urges everyone to “stay strong, stay together, stay safe, and always .... Refuse to Lose!”

~~ Interview conducted by Jack Barron-Sluga (Class of '23, Allegheny Men's Soccer Team)

What does it mean to win against all odds? It means that our teamwork and spirit carry each and every one of us across the finish line. Let's Refuse to Lose against this pandemic. Please click on the icon on the left and support one of the Gators in our community! Thanks.


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