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Updated: Jul 19, 2020

"My brother and I grew up waiting for a family in Guatemala. As his older sister, even though we were both little, I was like a mother to him.We both longed to be adopted so we could have a loving family, but each time that promise fell through.

I was five-and-a-half years old, and my brother was four.

Far away in America, a girl told her mother she didn’t want to be an only child. She wanted a sibling, and her mother wanted their family to grow. When the time was right, they came to Guatemala because adoptions were faster here and they didn’t want to wait any longer. They wanted to adopt me because they were looking for a girl.

But I refused to be separated from my brother. He was all I had. I was all he had.

Unexpected as this situation was, our new family agreed to take us both. It was as much an emotional as a physical journey.

My brother and I spoke no English and our new family did not speak our language. But their love, and our new sister’s patience in helping all of us communicate, made us come together.

My brother and I have found a new family, home, and homeland where we aren’t afraid that we will be separated ever again.

And, there is always enough to eat"

~~ Chava Herzog ('22)- Math Major/ Psychology Minor


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