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Updated: Nov 10, 2020

This semester has thrown some huge curveballs my way, but one word consistently comes to mind. Gratitude. One word that doesn’t even begin to encompass how grateful I am to have the opportunity to be on campus and for all of Allegheny’s faculty and staff, in particular, my professors and all of whom have supported me throughout this ~different~ semester. They have made this strange year out to be one that I will not only remember, but ultimately be thankful for.

Thank you to the professors:

  • Who are excited to be in class, even if the course is over Zoom.

  • Who are determined to make this semester as amazing as any other traditional semester.

  • Whose passions are not deterred by these circumstances.

  • Who are continuously enthusiastic and positive no matter the situation.

  • Who are open to building a relationship with their students.

  • Who stay on their Zoom calls extra long to simply catch up with students.

  • Who I have visited every week during office hours.

  • Who I can talk about REAL life with and reciprocate by sharing their own experiences.

  • Who have not judged me when crying on a zoom call.

  • Who tell funny stories to lighten some of the heavier conversations of this semester.

  • Who I have had wonderful, yet completely random conversations with.

  • Who enjoy my cheesy sense of humor and in turn respond with their own humor.

  • Who go out of their way to support their students.

  • Who send virtual hugs.

  • That are simply outstanding.

Ultimately, THANK YOU to the professors who have amazing hearts that continuously care for and support their students. Thank you for all that you have done and that you do.

~~ Faythe Shulte, Class of '23

We are thankful for everything the school has done this semester. Click the link to say thank you through a donation!


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