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Updated: Nov 10, 2020

It’s been incredible to see the care that everyone has for each other on campus. In my first year at Allegheny, it was one of the first things that I noticed-- everyone genuinely cared about each other. From the professors to the staff to the students, everyone wanted each other to be successful, safe, and healthy. When COVID-19 hit and everyone was forced home, the love and care followed us.

"From connecting over Zoom, a quick email, or text, everyone found ways to connect with each other."

This semester has been anything but normal but I have still felt the love and care from the community. Everyone is looking out for one another and everyone wants each other to be healthy and happy. It has been truly inspiring to see the little things that people do every day to make sure that people are feeling safe and comfortable. The Allegheny community has always been there for each other in the good times but during this semester, it is just as apparent that the Allegheny community is there for you during the tough times as well.

~~ Jack Barron-Sluga, Class of '22

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