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Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Two months ago, my dad and I loaded all of my belongings into the family SUV and drove across the country to come to Allegheny. It was a trip that spanned two days, and the majority of those days were spent wondering about what college life would be like. My mind wandered from the food options at Brooks to becoming a part of a small, tight-knit community, but I spent most of the time wondering about meeting my roommate, Olivia.

Olivia and I talked earlier in the summer, but meeting someone face-to-face is vastly different than meeting them online. Besides, we would soon be sharing a room together, and we were going to have to live with each other for a year. Those kinds of thoughts occupied my mind more than anything else. I wondered what she would be like and how our interests would be similar or dissimilar. Still, the Allegheny survey for roommates deemed us a perfect match, so I had confidence in that.

"A little over a month’s time has passed, and it is safe to say that I could not be happier with who I was paired with."

Olivia and I have spent the last month decorating our room bit by bit, and our respective sides are true representations of our personalities--she is more of a purple-loving girl, and I am more of a pink-loving girl. We recently added a shared snack cart and coffee machine to our room, and we enjoy drinking coffee and tea lattes whilst watching our nightly movie. And, when the movie is over, our midnight conversations never fail to make me smile.

I cannot speak for Olivia, but I am grateful for this roommate arrangement. I look forward to adding more crazy things to our room, and I am excited about all of the future coffee and tea lattes to come!

~~ Linsey Klingberg, Class of '24

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