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Updated: Nov 10, 2020

A few weeks ago fall semester started for most kids at Allegheny College; what a wild ride it was to get here, there was some uncertainty, but we made it!

This semester I'm staying in Walker Hall, which is connected to Brooks Hall; a highlight of living here is being able to walk through the connecting buildings to go get food throughout the day. I’m not usually much of a breakfast person, but during the first week of school, I had gone a few times to either the Pine Market or Brooks Dining Hall fo, for lack of a better term, brunch.

There are members of the Parkhurst and Allegheny Dining team that carry great attitudes and affect the people they interact in a positive way. When I went into the Pine Market that morning, I was greeted by Yvonne. Seeing her last year was always a delight, and this year it is just as lovely. As I was getting ready to pay for my meal, Yvonne and I talked for a few minutes about how convenient living in Walker/Brooks Hall was in the winter, but truly it’s convenient all seasons of the year. Although it was short, talking to her made my day better because it’s a joy to see her. Even now, she sees a lot of students each day. She only saw me for a little, but she’s always cheerful and happy when I see her and when she interacts with everyone.

"Even under the mask, she can bring a smile to anyone’s face at Allegheny."

~~ Kylie Rimes, Class of '23

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