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Updated: Nov 10, 2020

I remember the little bit of normalcy I used to have before the horror part of 2020 began. I was still at Allegheny, stressing over comping, graduation, and adulthood. Even though the next chapter of my life was so vague and scary, I was happy.

My favorite memory from this time was the night before the school shut down. My roommate and I decided to have our last "dinner" together. We both got ready: that meant winter boots, jackets, scarves, gloves... you know the drill... Meadville weather, am I right?? Then, we walked down to kins and ordered hamburgers. I remember sitting outside (don't ask me why, but it was cold), talking about our accomplishments, the weirdness, the crazy times, all the cries at the library during finals... the typical students' behaviors, nothing new here! We were laughing so hard about it, and crying at the same time (not a beautiful thing to see). But that's what made us, us!

That moment for us was invaluable, even when we felt sad and scared. We were grateful that we found each other, and all that was thanks to Allegheny. Allegheny allowed me to meet so many incredible people that supported me throughout the last four years.

"It is crazy to look back and see how much I grew, and how all these people influenced me to be the best version of myself."

At that moment, sitting outside of kins looking at the quad, I realized how insignificant so many things in life are. My mom was right. There is nothing more important than friendship. I was so grateful to find this place to call home, and my friends, my professors, YVONNE! So many beautiful things happened in those four years and I won't change it for anything.

~~Maria Salazar Requena, Class of '20

Join Allegheny College in welcoming students to enjoy more winter burgers on the quad..or not. Click the link and donate to help support our community that allows them to make those choices.


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