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Updated: Aug 6, 2020

With the global pandemic and shutdown, Emma Ford has found herself struggling to cope. For her, familiarity is key.

“I’ve just been watching a lot of shows and movies and doing some homework. I feel like (focusing on the familiar) it’s almost better. I just feel like right now, my life is already pretty stirred up by this that if I were to add something new that I would become overwhelmed. That’s just the way my mind works I guess, though the big changes might be beneficial for someone else.”

During this time there’s been much talk of being ambitious and immersing yourself in new hobbies. Emma’s point of view challenges these, “I honestly don’t like seeing the tweets that say “if you don’t pick up a new hobby or you don’t use this time to invest in something new you’re wasting it!” because this is a hard time for everyone. People should just do what is best for them, whatever will make them comfortable during all this.

I have taken a couple of walks with my dogs and met my grandpa, while, of course standing 6 feet apart from him. He normally comes over every day and sits outside for an hour or so with the dogs and due to the quarantine, he hasn’t been able to come over. So, meeting up and walking the dogs makes us both happy.”

Despite not being able to physically be too close to family, Emma makes sure to find a way. “Staying in touch with family is extra important right now. People’s lives have had to come to a complete stop, and checking in on your loved ones is important to make sure they’re doing okay! It’s especially important to check in on those who are high risk so if they need to be assisted, in a way that you can, help them! Me, my mom, my dad, and multiple others I know are high risk.”

Her advice to others who are at high risk is to “Really practice social distancing and good hygiene, along with members of your family. Really try to stay off of and not read social media sites or reports that constantly talk about COVID-19, especially the sites that are using tactics to scare people. It’s really scary being high risk but if we do all the right things then that lowers our chances of getting the virus!

Reach out and talk to someone you feel comfortable with because holding everything in makes it worse, at least for me, and it’s good having an outlet to vent to!

All I can say, is thank God for the dogs!"

~~ Emma Ford (Class of '22). Interviewed by Cheyenne Weston (Class of '22)

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