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When I watched Soul, I picked up on the theme of wanting to be alive because everything around us is alive. Whether that be other people, even those that you don’t know, or the physical aspects of life, we are all a part of an equation that makes up the world around us. For me, this concept is the most tangible in nature.

"I think people have a tendency to take the beauty of the natural world for granted and don’t stop to look and appreciate that beauty."

For me, there is comfort in knowing that nature grows regardless of people, it has been here long before us and it’ll be here long after us, and being able to exist alongside it is what makes me excited to live. These are some of the photos I have taken of different parts of nature that have caught my eye and reminded me of the beauty that is all around us if we stop to look for it.

~~ Ava White, Class of '22

Here in Meadville, there are many places to see the beauty of nature. Help future Gators be able to appreciate Meadville by clicking the link to donate.


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