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I don’t have one passion that rules my happiness. Because of this, I like to say my spark is “going with the flow." No day is the same because I don’t follow a set routine. I like to do things that aren’t planned and instead do whatever I am feeling at the moment.

This keeps me on my toes and lets me be ready to do anything that makes me happy at a moment’s notice. In the TikTok I made, my day was exciting and busy. However, tomorrow will reset and be filled with new activities based on how I feel. Some days, all I will do is attend class and watch tv—and that’s just fine! Try not to believe that making yourself stressed and busy is productive. Productivity is what YOU make of it.

If it is a win for you to simply wake up and brush your teeth, I’m proud of you.

"Listen to your body and heart and follow your spark."

~~ Kylie Kasavage, Class of '23

Go with the flow...click the link and support your fellow Gators however your day leads you to.


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