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Updated: Aug 6, 2020

"I was adopted when I was still a baby. I am Chinese and my foster parents are American. I never felt different from my parents growing up, even though we were ethnically different. It wasn’t until I was about 5 years old that I realized I was 'different.'

"I went with my mom for a doctor’s appointment. There was an Asian woman in the waiting area. When her name was called, the nurse said she was allowed to bring her kid – referring to me -- with her.

It felt awkward. It was a weird and uncomfortable moment.

"The experience didn’t really impact me fully until I got home. I found myself looking at photos and seeing for the first time how different I looked from my parents, and then I felt different. I feel like sometimes things would be easier if I was white.

"I’ve grown up with other experiences like this one, each one just as impactful as the next. Funny how the world looks at you in ways you never saw yourself.

"I am just very grateful to have found the support system I have and I try to preach acceptance, especially when it comes to embracing others for who they are, rather than who you think they should be.”

Anonymous- ('23) #Family#Awareness#Chinese#American

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Check out this Allegheny College student group: A5: Association for Asian and Asian American Awareness

Photo Credit: The Campus Newspaper, Allegheny College


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